Sentiero del Centenario

Sentiero del Centenario

It was years ago, the first time I climbed Monte Camicia from Vado di Ferruccio, that I first heard about this famous trail. There was this group of people, wearing harnesses and carrying a rope, that we met on the way, and they were hiking the “Centenario”.

Since then, I always wanted to hike that trail, but I never did. And I never did it mostly for logistic reasons: start and end are more or less 20 km apart, and without two cars, one at the start and one at the end, or bikes, it would be pretty complicated.

Well, this Summer I decided to do it anyway (and I ended up walking half way back also, but thankfully not all the way back to the start thanks to a couple of German tourists that gave me a ride).

It was a beautiful day, and the trail is brilliant. Also, according to Strava, at the time of this writing I have the 5th overall time on the associated segment 🙂

You can even check the activity in 3D with Suunto.

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