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Random bubbly bubbles

Random bubbly bubbles

What a cool title 😛

Anyway, has been a while since I last posted something, short summary of my life here:

  • I live in Amstelveen, again 🙂
  • I went to Italy to vote for the referendums, really happy we won, anyway on the flight back to the Netherlands an Italian-Belgian woman said that the economic crisis in Italy is due to “those Romanians and Albanians that come here and took our jobs”. So, a half win for this country. Damn man, they took our jobs!
  • Trying to get rid of Google more or less. I like Google but anyway, better to disseminate services around than to rely on a single entity, and I got quite pissed when they introduced the feature in Gmail that evidence the “important” mails; so I got into this daydream in which I write to the typical pub girl that I had met the night before and she does not receive anything cause Google thinks I am less important. Nice reading on the IEEE spectrum magazine: “How I Learned to Live Google-free“.

Nothing more to say for now. Bye 🙂