Basilicata Blocfest 2016

Basilicata Blocfest 2016

On April 23 and 24 of 2016, I went (together with Mauro, Marta, Andrea, and Jonathan) to Pietra del Toro, a bouldering area in Basilicata (southern Italy). We wanted to go since the end of last year, and finally decided to go using the 2016 edition of the “Basilicata Blocfest” as an excuse.
We spent two good days climbing boulders, and sent problems between 4c and 6a+ (although Jonathan sent also some 6b). We were so into climbing, that I mostly forgot to shoot videos, and ended up recording only failed attempts (except for a moment when I shot Jonathan sending a 5b problem).

The music is “The Bread Is Hard As Crackers” by Velella Velella.

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