Veluwe traverse

Veluwe traverse

Since at least 2015 I have been thinking about walking in a single push from Rheden to Nunspeet, traversing the whole Veluwe in the South-North direction.
I did a few attempts, all of them ended close to Apeldoorn for a variety of reasons.

Until on the 1st of September 2019, after having watched the TMB on YouTube the day before, I decided it was time for a real attempt.
The weather forecast was good, days still long, I was alone at home and feeling right, so eventually I woke up early on that Sunday morning, took the train from Amsterdam to Rheden, and walked the whole day.

The walk was enjoyable for the most part, I felt pretty good until a bit before kilometer 50, but then hit a metaphorical brick wall, my legs became rubbish, and walking the last 6/7 kilometers was hard.
Also, at that point I could not eat anymore, I believe to have chewed my last Clif Bar for 20 minutes or so.

However, although painfully, I managed to walk the whole way from Rheden to Nunspeet, ending my hike on a sunny bench at the train station.

You can even check the activity in 3D with Suunto.

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