Random girls, 3

Random girls, 3

We are in L’Aquila and, like in every other story, we are in a pub.

The place is noisy. Our guy doesn’t even know the real name of this bar. For him this place is called “Z&P”, and this is how we will call it. It is most certainly a Thursday night, the night of the week when students go out and get drunk, all in a desperate attempt to forget everything they studied in the previous days and, if they get lucky, meet new people.

Our beloved hero is talking with a friend and they are introduced to a lovely young lady. To be fair, he told me that he does not remember how lovely this young lady was. Or how young this lovely lady was. Fact is, we don’t really care.
They start talking, and after their names are pronounced the fair maid asks him what to her is the most important thing: what does he do in his life. This is a world of college students, so the question basically means which is his field of studies. Our guy is young and too naive at this point, so he speaks the truth, that he studies computer science. In his defense I’ll have to say that he learned quite some from that moment, and at the same question he nowadays answer that he is an organ player and works in small protestant churches in northern Europe; sometimes, he even adds that he is an heroin addict.
But let’s get back to our story. She listens to his answer and adds “Computer science, that’s so boring. Bye”. After this phrase, she leaves.

The guy is frankly shocked and does not understand her comment, so he turns to his friend that says “She study arts, she learns by heart when some painting has been painted, then she spends her time trying to imitate the style of that dead painter, and we are the boring ones.”.



Our guy never grasped what happened that night and why he was considered guilty of boringness without a fair trial. I know him quite well and, truth to be told, he is as boring as a broken chair, but his being boring has nothing to do with computer science.
Then, one day, he read “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance“,  and he eventually understood what happened that night.

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