2012 in movies

2012 in movies

Hi everyone,

2012 is almost over, holidays are close and, well, while moving in my new apartment I found tens of movie tickets that I saved in the past few years. I am a bit of a keep-it-all kind of guy so I save everything, but this time I decided to get rid of them, and while doing it I thought of writing here the best movies I watched this year. Among the 22 tickets I found for 2012, these are the movies that mostly impressed me (in no particular order):

  • Looper: we need more sci-fi, and the movie has a cool story.
  • Terraferma: this is an impressive movie that describes partially what Italy is right now.
  • Shame: addictions and family issues, such a powerful movie.
  • Midnight in Paris: say what you want, but I felt so happy watching this movie. Add to this that one of my favorite books of all time is “The sun also rises” and you can figure it out why I loved this movie.
  • Cosmopolis: I was a bit bored by the late Cronenberg. This movie fixed it.
  • Ruby Sparks: Ok, I have a soft spot for indie romance, but this movie is not just that, it is a damn smart movie that deserves to be watched.

Special mentions to 3 movies I remember but that I have no tickets for (the fact I remember them vouches for them): “Four suns“, “Miss Bala” and “This must be the place“.

Let’s hope 2013 will bring more cool movies to our screens.

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