Sunday journey

Sunday journey

One morning you wake up early and know that you must go to Molise.
Yeah folks, i’m a fuckin mad, but i can’t doing better.
Lovin you.


Purple monkey is on my brain
deep forest inside my heart
sugar on my skin
death everywhere
skulls on mondays
dreaming of sundays
night everywere
come on my boat
join my fellowship
good night to me
good night to you.


it’s not stupid to say ‘i love you’
it’s not stupid wait sittin
it’s not stupid to kiss some stones
white is at our feet
dreaming of your teeth
so hello pink monkey
like a ship without a good captain
i hang around without a lunch
eating windows, stones and grass
i love you stupid ape
i love you and it’s ok
a shine light in my eyes
your death above the sky
so say to me goodbye
i’m waiting on your sand.


mouse dance
you dance slow
mouse eats poison
you die slow
mouse dance
only dark
once again

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