The long arm of the law

The long arm of the law

A Saturday night in Amsterdam and we are on the streets.

A bunch of people are walking around Leidseplein, trying to reach the Melkweg, not for going there, just to meet another bunch of folks in front of it. They’re almost all Italians but there is a Swiss guy too, just like on the jokes. Between them our hero (you know and we know is not, but for God’s sake, let him be happy sometimes) in the middle of a tremendous testosterone crisis.
The folks are about to decide where to go, when our guy and some other peoples decided to have their backs laying on the side of a parked car. The owner of the car was a policeman.

p: You were sitting on my car ?
i: Yes sorry.
p: I’m going to check. If there are any damages I’ll sue you and then I’ll shoot you.

Lucky fellow.

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