Random girls

Random girls

A Saturday night in Amsterdam, a Belgian pub near Leidseplein.

On the scene different characters, between them isazi and a girl. We don’t know if they know each other or not, neither they do, we don’t know what they are saying, or if they’re talking. What we know is only that at some point a conversation takes place. We can remember the content of the conversation but not exactly all the words. More or less the content of the conversation is the following one.

g: Are you Italian ?
i: Yes. How do you know ?
g: Oh, your English is so bad that you can be only Italian or Spanish.


3 Replies to “Random girls”

  1. I’m really thinking about writing short stories about what happens to me here in the Netherlands, it’s everything so damn funny (and sad at the same time) 🙂

  2. 🙂
    you should have asked her where she was from and came up with a “funny” joke to get revenge 🙂
    BTW i’m thinking that i should convert my blog to english

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